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We offer a range of bronze materials to suit your needs and can provide brass sheet, plate or bars to fit client specifications.

Aluminium Bronze

The most tarnish-resistant of all the copper alloys, aluminium bronze, (copper-aluminium alloy) offers the highest strength copper-based alloy with aluminium being the primary alloying element at typically 5 – 11% of aluminium. The visual appearance of the material also does not deteriorate when exposed to the effects of atmospheric corrosion making it an ideal material for a range of uses.

Although no engineering alloy can lay claim to being completely immune to corrosion, aluminium bronzes naturally form an alumina-type protective film which acts as a highly effective barrier to wet or challenging conditions. The aluminium bronze alloy offers excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of environments and is particularly effective in subsea applications. 

Aluminium bronze is used in a wide variety of applications where outstanding performance in marine and subsea environments is needed and is commonly used used in the manufacture of propellers and underwater fastenings. In the oil and gas sector, aluminium bronze is often used in the production of inert gas fans for oil tankers. The alloy is also used to make bearing bushes for aircraft frames as well as in the production of bearings, valve spindles and pump shafts. Some other examples of aluminium bronze uses include the creation of impellers and high duty pumps.

Phosphor Bronze

One of the most common grades of wrought phosphor bronze used in the UK is PB102. This is mainly due to its ability to be used across an extensive range of general-purpose applications and highly desirable qualities. Due to its tin content, PB102 offers fantastic spring qualities and high corrosion resistance similar to that of aluminium bronzes in a wide range of atmospheric conditions. Combining excellent cold forming properties with high-standard mechanical properties, phosphor bronze has a very fair machinability rating making it an ideal substance.

PB102 has excellent cold forming properties and good spring properties. With low magnetic permeability and high wear resistance, the alloy has very good corrosion resistance. PB102 is an extremely versatile alloy which can be used across a wide range of general engineering applications.

Leaded Bronze Gunmetal

Leaded Bronzes and Gunmetals usually provide a good balance of corrosion resistance and strength whilst offering better machining characteristics than other Bronzes. The substantial lead content of the material gives it excellent machining qualities with a medium strength and good pressure tightness. It is also not subject to dezincification. Leaded Gunmetal LG2 is a general-purpose leaded gunmetal that conforms to the requirements BS1400 – 1985 alloy LG2. LG2 has excellent resistance to superheated steam applications and has reasonable corrosion resistance to brine and seawater. This makes it the perfect fit for pressure-tight pump and valve components, pump impellers, fittings and general engineering applications.

Prestige Metal Supplies offer a number of bronze alloys to suit your needs. Get in touch now for a quote to fit any requirements or needs.