Prestige Metals supplies one of the widest ranges of brass rod, or brass bar in the UK. Whether you are looking for naval brass rod or high tensile brass rod, we have a range of options and services to suit your project.

Naval Brass Rod

Naval brass is an essential material in many marine applications. With an extremely high corrosion-resistance in both freshwater and saltwater environments, naval brass can even be used where temperatures are higher than normal. In addition to this, naval brass bars are renowned for being extremely robust and sturdy. This makes them the perfect metal of choice for applications where a tougher metal is required, and ideal for aircraft fitting, welding rods, marine hardware and decorative marine fitting.

High Tensile Brass Rods

Also known as ‘Manganese Brass,’ our grade CW721R high tensile brass rod boasts superior strength, good corrosion resistance, impressive hot forming properties as well as an eye-catching finish, making it suitable for decorative purposes as well as practical. High tensile brass rods are commonly used for things such as gas valves and fittings, decorative architecture, marine hardware and heavy-duty electrical connectors and is made full use of in the plumbing, architectural, marine, construction and electrical industries among others.

Trusted Brass Rod Suppliers

Prestige Metal Supplies is the UK’s premier brass round bar suppliers and offers a number of brass products to suit your bespoke needs. Get in touch now at for a quote to perfectly fit your requirements.