High tensile brass, also known as HBT1 is a strong alloy with high corrosion resistance. This duplex alloy is composed of aluminium, manganese and tin iron with each copper alloy offering a variety of characteristics like excellent weldability and hot forming properties as well as high strength and a high machinability rating. Prestige Metal Supplies stocks high-tensile brass rods in grades CZ114 and CW721R which is suitable for a range of applications. 


The high tensile brass composition makes this a very versatile alloy. The presence of manganese in HBT1 makes it very strong while the addition of aluminium makes it highly resistant to corrosion. 

high tensile brass rods

Applications of High Tensile Brass CZ114/CW 721R

High-strength applications benefit greatly from the use of high-tensile brass and it is widely found in architectural industries due to its strength and decorative finish. It is ideally suited for welding and soldering due to its hot-forming properties. The applications of high-tensile brass include:

  • Marine fittings
  • High strength components 
  • Gears
  • Valves
  • Fasteners 
  • Architectural fittings 
  • Pump rods
  • Transmission components 
  • Valve stems


CW721R and CZ114 Prestige Metal Supplies stock premium high tensile brass rods in a range of diameters, ready to be cut to size with our in-house metal cutting service. The high tensile brass bars we supply surpass industry standards and are only ever sourced from UK and Europe.


For more information about our high tensile brass rods, contact our experienced team to make an enquiry.