EDM Copper for Electrical Discharge Machining

EDM Copper is a widely used electrode material for electrical discharge machining. This process is also known as spark erosion, spark machining or wire erosion depending on the level of accuracy required during processing. Prestige Metal Supplies stocks a range of high-quality EDM copper suitable for the many applications of EDM electrodes.

The high electrical conductivity of EDM copper makes it valuable in EDM processes and results in the effective cutting, shaping and drilling of various hard materials such as carbon steel and titanium. The erosion resistance of EDM copper also makes EDM copper electrodes hard-wearing and long-lasting.

As quality EDM electrode suppliers, we also stock tellurium copper (Telco) which is ideal for use on EDM machines designed specifically for copper. The machinability of Telco also makes it suitable for highly detailed electrodes.

EDM Copper

Key Features of EDM Copper

EDM copper electrodes have many features that make them highly suited to electrical discharge machining. Some key features include:

  • The ability to cut and drill many types of soft and hard metals
  • Can be used to produce a fine finish
  • Long-lasting wear and durability
  • Ideal for use in small cavities
  • Easy machinability and fabrication
  • Ideal for creating precision components and parts
  • Clean to machine and produces less dust than electrodes made of graphite

Properties of EDM Copper 

The EDM process heavily relies on selecting proper EDM electrode materials so it is important to choose the right material to fit your application. Copper EDM electrodes have numerous properties that make them a superior choice for EDM machining. 

EDM copper can withstand high temperatures and is corrosion resistant which results in a more durable electrode needing fewer replacements. The high thermal and electrical conductivity of EDM copper also produces faster machining times than some other electrode materials. 

When it comes to durability and strength, EDM copper electrodes have an excellent tool wear rate which improves their efficiency when cutting or drilling tough materials.

The properties of tellurium copper for EDM machining include an excellent machinability rating of 90%. This allows faster speeds for wire EDM when compared to pure copper. This makes tellurium copper a superior electrode material for intricate and detailed EDM processes.

Prestige Metals Supplies provides EDM copper for customers in a variety of industries including:

  • Automotive 
  • Marine  
  • Mould and die manufacturing 
  • Surgical equipment manufacturing
  • Aerospace

Suppliers of Copper for EDM Machining

Prestige Metals stock EDM copper tube and Telco for all of your EDM processes. We source our EDM electrode materials from manufacturers in Europe and the UK only, so you can be confident that your EDM electrodes are of the highest quality. 

Contact our experienced sales team for more information about our electrode material for EDM.


Specific gravity (g/cm3)8.94

Melting range (◦C) 1065–1083

Thermal conductivity (W/Mk) 388

Specific heat (J/kg K) 385

Thermal expansion coefficient (1/◦C) 16.7 × 10−6

Electrical resistivity (Ω cm) 1.7 × 10−6

EDM copper is widely used in electrical discharge machining to:

  • Create high-quality copper electrodes for EDM machining and wire EDM
  • Drill, cut and shape a variety of metals that cannot be cut using standard machining processes