Oxygen Free Copper (CW008A)

Offering the highest electrical conductivity of any commercially pure copper, CW008A copper or C103 copper as is it otherwise known, provides more than 100% IACS. CW008A also benefits from fantastic thermal conductivity without being susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement when heated in a reduced atmosphere. CW008A copper benefits from a copper content of 99.95%.

oxygen free copper

Key Features of CW008A Oxygen Free Copper

CW008A oxygen free copper features a number of beneficial properties that can be used across various electrical and similar uses. Here are just some of the impressive features of CW008A copper:

  • Highest electrical conductivity for commercially available copper
  • Outstanding thermal conductivity
  • Not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement when exposed to a reduced atmosphere
  • Excellent formability and joining qualities

Fabrication Properties

Machining: Poor

Cold Working: Excellent

Electroplating: Excellent

Soft Soldering: Excellent

Hot-Dip Tinning: Excellent

Resistance Welding: Fair

Gas Shield Arc Welding: Good

Physical Properties

Density: 8.9g/cm³ 

Melting Point: 1083℃

Specific Heat: 385J/Kg °K

Electrical Conductivity: 100-101.5% IACS

Electrical Resistivity: 0.01724 ohm mm²/m

Thermal Conductivity: 393W/m°K

Thermal Expansion coefficient (20-200℃) : 17.3×10⁻⁶

Weight% Cu Pb Bi Imps
Min 99.95
Max 0.005 0.001 0.03

CW008A copper has lots of fantastic qualities that make it ideal for a range of industries and purposes. We have listed just some of them below:

  • Electrical Instruments
  • Electronics
  • Cables
  • Large Generators
  • Rotor Conductors
  • Transformers and motors
  • Switchgears
  • Vacuum Engineering

CW008A copper / C103 copper has a far-reaching range of uses and is available is a selection of forms to fit your requirements. Prestige metals supply CW008A copper sheet and CW008A bar cut to your specifications.

Related Material Specifications

  • BS2874 / BS1433: C103
  • BS EN13601: CW008A
  • C10200
  • Cu-OF