Prestige Metals is a leading supplier of CW505L brass alloy also known as 70/30 cartridge brass. All of our CZ106 brass is of European origin and can be cut to size with our in-house cutting services.


Mainly purchased as sheet formation, our 70/30 grade CW505L Cartridge Brass has the highest ductility out of all the brasses making it ideal for the plumbing, electrical and automotive industries. With outstanding strength and an extremely high level of corrosive resistance, this copper and zinc alloy is incredibly versatile leading it to be used in many different types of industries even including jewellery making, craftwork, interior design, lighting, and more. Prestige Metal Supplies stocks a large range of standard sheets from 0.55mm – 3mm thick.

cartridge brass

70/30 Cartridge Brass Applications

Thanks to its good thermal and electrical conductivity, 70/30 cartridge brass can be used in a number of industries for a variety of applications including:


  • Electrical terminals
  • Plumbing hardware
  • Radiator tanks 
  • Interior fittings


CZ106 has great soldering capabilities as well as excellent cold-forming properties and can be polished to a brilliant shine making it a very popular architectural metal. At Prestige Metals, we ensure that the CW505L we supply surpasses industry standards so our 70/30 cartridge brass is sourced from European producers who meet these requirements.


If you’d like to know more about our premium 70/30 cartridge brass, contact our experience sales team for more information.