Architectural Copper

Architectural copper refers to the use of copper and copper alloys in various industrial and construction applications. At Prestige Metal Supplies we offer a range of architectural materials to suit your needs and can provide copper bar, copper sheet and plate to fit your personal specifications.

Properties and Applications 

This versatile metal has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability. These properties make it well-suited for many architectural applications. Architectural copper is used in a variety of ways, including roofing, exterior finishes like cladding and facades, gutters, downspouts, domes, spires, and decorative elements. Its malleability allows for custom fabrication as well as intricate designs and detailing in both traditional and modern architectural styles.

Aesthetically, this metal is perfect for historic preservation and is admired for its distinctive appearance that evolves over time. Initially, it has a shiny, reddish-orange hue, which develops a natural patina over the years, giving it a weathered, greenish tone. This ageing process contributes to the material’s aesthetic charm. The natural patina enhances the metal’s corrosion resistance which can minimise maintenance requirements. 

When it comes to sustainable building materials, Architectural copper is valued for its recyclability and its ability to retain its properties after the recycling process.

architectural copper

Architectural Copper Stock

C101 / Cu-ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper)

Good for applications that require corrosion resistance, C101 also known as ETP or electrolytic tough pitch copper is the most widely used alloy in this range due to its high electrical and thermal conductivity, high material strength and excellent soldering characteristics. Through the process of electrolytic deposition, Cu-ETP is refined, then melted and oxidised giving it its touch pitch quality. This product is available in round bar, flat bar, square bar and sheet forms.

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C103 / Cu-OF (Oxygen-Free Copper)

The excellent thermal and electrical conductivity properties of C103 OF copper or OFHC are achieved by the removal of oxygen. This is done during the manufacturing process of C103 in a vacuum or protective gas atmosphere. Removing the oxygen also makes C103 unsusceptible to hydrogen embrittlement. With a 99.95% copper content, OFHC is considered a commercially pure product. With excellent formability and joining characteristics, C103 is available in sheet and bar forms.

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C106 / Cu-DHP / CW024A (Phosphorus Deoxidised Copper)

C106 also known as DHP copper is manufactured by removing oxygen during the melting cycle which is done through the controlled addition of phosphorus. The deoxidised nature of C106 means it is not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement and it also has excellent cold formability making it ideal for the production of nuts, bolts, gears and shafts. This metal can be readily welded and brazed which is why it is widely used in the manufacture of copper tubes. C106 is typically available in sheet and tube forms.

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C110 / Cu-OFE (Oxygen-Free Copper Electronic Grade)

C110 is considered commercially pure with a high Cu content of 99.99%. Its high purity combined with the highest conductivity values available from a copper alloy make it a popular choice in electrical applications. This free machining metal has excellent joining qualities and its impurity-free quality means it is free from the contaminants that can impair electrical functions. C110 is available in round bar, round tube, sheet and plate.

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C109/ CW118C (Tellurium Copper)

The presence of tellurium in this free-machining grade of copper gives C109 a machinability rating of 85-90% making it ideal for electrical components that require extensive machining. The addition of 0.5% tellurium does not impair the ductility of this metal and it retains the conductivity associated with pure copper. C109 is also used in electronic applications where intricacy and accuracy are required as this material is not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement. C109 is available in round bar and flat bar.

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C111 / CW114C Sulphur Copper

C111 is a sulphur-infused copper alloy that offers excellent machining efficiency with an 80% machinability rating. The sulphur content forms copper sulphide which gives the material its free-machining characteristics while acting as a chip breaker. This alloy combines excellent thermal and electrical conductivity with reduced wear, making it cost-effective for various applications. Phosphorus de-oxidisation prevents hydrogen embrittlement while maintaining high corrosion resistance, good hot and cold formability and easy soldering capabilities. C11 is available in sheet and bar formation.

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CW106C/Copper Chromium Zirconium

CW106C incorporates chromium and zirconium to enhance its mechanical properties and resistance to wear and corrosion. This alloy is commonly used in applications where high strength, thermal stability and resistance to harsh environments are required. CW106C is available in sheet and bars including round bar, hexagon and flat bar forms.

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EDM Copper Electrode

EMD copper is a specialised alloy designed for use in EDM machining processes. It is known for its high electrical conductivity, which is essential for making precise and intricate shapes in various materials. These electrodes are highly resistant to wear and corrosion making them a valuable choice in industries such as tool making, aerospace and medical device manufacturing where precision and intricate details are paramount.

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CW013A/ Silver Bearing Copper

Silver-bearing copper is an alloy that contains a small percentage of silver. The addition of silver enhances the alloy’s electrical and thermal conductivity while also improving its resistance to corrosion, making it a popular choice for electrical connectors, conductors and various industrial applications where efficient heat and electricity transfer is crucial. CW013A is available in round bar as well as hexagonal and flat bar forms and is also supplied in sheet formation.

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Prestige Metal Supplies offer a number of copper alloys to suit your needs. Get in touch now for a quote to perfectly fit your requirements.