Architectural Copper

Our Full Architectural Copper Range

At Prestige Metal Supplies we offer a range of copper materials to suit your needs and can provide copper bars, plate or sheet copper to fit your personal specifications.

C101 / Cu-ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper)

C101 (Cu-ETP) is a commercially pure, high conductivity grade of copper. It has a high thermal conductivity and a nominal conductivity of 100% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard), making it the material of choice for use in electrical components and conductors. C101 is refined by electrolytic deposition and then melted and oxidised to the “tough pitch” condition with a controlled, low oxygen content.

C103 / Cu-OF (Oxygen-Free Copper)

C103 (Cu-OF) is a commercially pure grade of oxygen-free copper manufactured by pouring in a protective gas atmosphere or vacuum. The absence of oxygen through doing this ensures high levels of electrical conductivity and low susceptibility to embrittlement when heated in a reducing atmosphere.

C106 / Cu-DHP (Phosphorous Deoxidised Copper)

C106 (Cu-DHP) is a grade of copper from which oxygen is removed by the controlled addition of phosphorous during the melting cycle. Phosphorus deoxidised copper is the material normally used for the manufacture of copper tubes as it can be readily brazed and welded. C106 has deep drawing characteristics superior even to those of tough pitch (C101) copper.

C110 / Cu-OFE (Oxygen-Free Copper Electronic Grade)

C110 is the purest grade of oxygen-free copper available and possesses a high copper content of 99.99%. With much tighter limits on impurities than other grades of copper, C110 offers the highest electrical and thermal conductivity values available from a commercially available copper alloy and is not susceptible to embrittlement when hardened. Ideally suited to electronic applications requiring freedom from harmful impurities and oxide which can impair and contaminate electronic devices, C110 also has high ductility and is readily cold worked.

C109 (Tellurium Copper)

C109 is a free-machining grade of copper with an addition of around 0.5% tellurium. The added tellurium content raises the machinability rating to 90% with minimal effect on conductivity and ductility. C109 has freedom from hydrogen embrittlement, enabling the use of this grade in electrical and electronic applications where accuracy and intricacy are required.

C111 / CW114C Sulphur Copper

C111 / CW114C is a free machining sulphur copper with an approximately 80% machinability rating (free machining brass = 100%). The sulphur addition to the copper creates Cu2S copper sulphide within the microstructure of the material. This then acts as a chip breaker and forms the basis of the free machining capacity.

In addition to this, combining the high retention of thermal and electric values (usually only associated with purer coppers) and the free cutting properties of sulphur copper enables the use of sulphur copper in a wide variety of applications. The C111 / CW114C can also be machined at much higher speeds with much lower tool wear, giving machinists and designers a more cost-effective product.

Adding phosphorus during the manufacture of sulphur copper de-oxidises the copper. As a result, the material offers freedom from hydrogen embrittlement. Other benefits of C111 / CW114C are remarkably high corrosion resistance, an excellent formability and easy joining through soldering.

Prestige Metal Supplies offer a number of copper alloys to suit your needs. Get in touch now for a quote to perfectly fit your requirements.