Oxygen Free Copper CW009A (OFE)

CW009A free machining oxygen free copper is one of the purest coppers on the market. It also has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity values. The oxygen content os this useful copper is restricted in order to maximise its hydrogen embrittlement resistance. C110 copper, as it is otherwise known has excellent joining and formability qualities, in particular its excellent cold formability.

oxygen free copper

Key Features of CW009A Oxygen Free Copper (OFE)

CW009A free machining copper has a number of excellent features well-suited to a range of purposes, these are just a selection:

  • Extremely high purity
  • High conductivity values
  • Free from hydrogen embrittlement
  • Excellent formability
  • Excellent joining qualities
  • Highest conductivity values

Physical Properties

Density: 8.94g/cm³

Melting Point: 1083℃

Modulus of Elasticity: 118000 Kg/mm2

Electrical Resistivity: 0.017 microhm m

Thermal Conductivity: 399 W/m°K

Thermal Expansion: 17.3 x 10⁻⁶/K

Joining Methods

Soldering: Excellent

Brazing: Excellent

Oxy-acetylene Welding: Good

Gas-Shielded Arc Welding: Excellent

Resistance Welding: Spot & Seam: Not Recommended

Butt: Good

Weight% Cu P S Pb Others
Min 99.99
Max 0.0003 0.002 0.001 0.005

CW009A copper has a range of uses leading to its use in a number of industries. Here are some of the most typical applications for CW009A free machining oxygen free copper:

  • Semi Conductors
  • Electrical Instruments
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Magnetrons
  • Anodes
  • Electrical Components at Cryogenic Temperatures
  • Trasformers
  • Vacuum Capacitators

Prestige metal supplies CW009A copper bar in sizes cut to your exact specifications.

Related Material Specifications

  • C10100 OFE
  • BS1433 C110
  • BS3839
  • BS13604 CW009A
  • Cu-OFE
  • Cu-C2