464 brass is a copper and zinc alloy known as naval brass. Prestige Metal Supplies stocks naval brass rods which are widely used in underwater applications. This is due to the highly corrosive-resistant nature of 464 brass which makes it excellent in marine environments or other harsh environments. 


Also known as C46400, the composition of naval brass rods are usually approximately 60% copper, 39.2% zinc, and 0.8% tin. Naval brass rods are highly durable and resistant to saltwater corrosion making them ideal for use in marine construction. 

naval brass rod

Applications of C46400/ Naval Brass Rods

464 naval brass has excellent hot formability and fair machinability which when combined with its high durability, makes it a very useful alloy in many applications and industries. Naval brass rods are used for the following:


  • Marine components
  • Condenser tubes
  • Fasteners
  • Nuts, bolts and rivets
  • Bushings


Prestige Metal Supplies can cut naval brass rods to suit the size of your specific needs. Our three automatic saws mean our in-house bar-cutting services can provide you with C46400 quickly and efficiently in a range of diameters from 3mm-250mm. We only stock high-standard naval brass rods from European and American sources at Prestige Metal Supplies. 


Contact our helpful staff for more information about naval brass rods or any of our other products on 0121 752 2001 or make a query online.