Brass Tubing

Prestige Metal Supplies are world-class suppliers of brass tubing and brass materials, serving everything from machine shops to multi-national corporations. Our brass tubing uses only the highest level of stock with an unparalleled service marked by quality and value.

Brass Tubing Grades Available

We have a selection of brass tubing types available for supply as part of our architectural brass range including CZ121 brass and CZ108 brass. We go into more detail below about our brass tube stock.

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CZ108 Brass Tubing

CZ108 brass tube is predominantly known as an alpha brass. This brass tube grade is popular due to its hot and cold working properties. As a high purity, cold-forming brass, CZ108 brass is excellent for applications where severe bending properties are required. The weldability of CZ108 brass tubing makes the alloy fantastic for soldering and brazing as needed.

Typical Applications of CZ108 Brass Tube

  • Heat exchangers
  • Radiator tanks
  • Decorative Components
  • Lamp holders
  • General smithing & ironmongering work

CZ121 Brass Tubing

CZ121 brass tubing is commonly used in machinery and has the highest machinability of any copper alloys. CZ121 brass tube is classed as free machining grade and has a 100 machinability rating.

Typical Applications of CZ121 Brass Tube:

  • All types of machined components
  • Fasteners
  • Extruded sections
  • Window frames
  • Plug pins
  • Switch blocks

Trusted Brass Tube Suppliers

Prestige Metal Supplies is the UK’s premier brass tubing suppliers and offers a number of brass products to suit your bespoke needs. Get in touch now at or call 0121 752 2001 for a quote to perfectly fit your requirements.