As experts in brass plate supply, we have a number of brass rolled products available through our West Midlands base, all available cut to size. We offer a range of brass materials in a range of finishes to suit your needs and can provide a wide range of forms to fit strict client specifications. All brass sheet material provided by the team at Prestige Metals is entirely European-made and suitable for polishing for a superior finish.

Types of Brass Plate and Sheet

Prestige Metals provides a range of brass plates and brass sheets including basis brass sheets, cartridge brass, gilding metal and naval brass sheet and plate with fast turnaround times. If you are looking for a specific form of brass sheet metal, contact our team to find out how we can help.

63/37 Basis Brass Sheet CZ108 CW508L

Basis brass is the most popular grade of brass sheet due to its hot and cold working capabilities. Supplied primarily as a sheet product, it offers good corrosion resistance in normal environments making it an extremely useful metal for a range of purposes. As experts in sheet brass, Prestige Metal Supplies provide an ever-increasing range of brass sheet in this form from 0.3mm – 10mm. With specific relation to architectural uses of brass sheet and plate, we supply a range of oversized brass sheets from 0.9mm – 6mm.

70/30 Cartridge Brass Sheet CZ106 CW505L

Mainly purchased as sheet formation, our 70/30 grade CW505L Cartridge Brass has the highest ductility out of all the brasses making it ideal for the plumbing, electrical and automotive industries. With outstanding strength and an extremely high level of corrosive resistance, this copper and zinc alloy is incredibly versatile leading it to be used in many different types of industries even including jewellery making, craftwork, interior design, lighting, and more. Prestige Metal Supplies stock a large range of standard sheet from 0.55mm – 3mm thick.

brass sheet

Gilding Metal (Architectural Bronze) CZ101 CW501L

Predominantly supplied in a brass sheet form, gilding metal provides brilliant formability properties and fantastic cold working properties making it perfect for those in the architectural sector, the workability, colour and sizes available also make sheet brass perfect for the industry. 90/10 Gilding Metal is a brass alloy that is an amalgamation of roughly 90% copper and 10% zinc making it fit for a range of purposes. Prestige Metal supplies keep a range of architectural brass sheets from 1.2mm – 3mm with brass sheet sizes up to 4m x 1m.

Naval Brass Sheet and Plate CZ112 CW712R

An essential element of marine applications, naval brass plates offer superior quality and impressive corrosion resistance in both fresh and saltwater. With superior strength and rigidity, our naval brass plates are the obvious choice for situations such as heavy-duty marine applications or using for propeller shafts, where a robust, corrosive-resistant metal is needed. Due to its impressive qualities, naval brass plate is particularly suited to industries such as aerospace, offshore oil and gas, plumbing, shipbuilding and more. Prestige Metal supplies are specialists in the supply of large size brass plates for Architectural purposes.

Prestige Metal Supplies offer a number of brass products to suit your needs. Get in touch with our specialists now at for a quote to perfectly fit your brass plate and sheet requirements.


Brass Sheet Weight Table

4"   1758 879
3"   1318 659
2.1/2"   1098 549
2"   880 440
1.1/2"   660 330
1.1/4" 203.88 550 275
1" 163.1 440 220
7/8" 143.03 384 192
3/4" 122.32 324 165
5/8" 102.1 275 137
1/2" 81.69 220 110
3/8" 61.26 165 83
5/16" 51.07 137.36 69
1/4" 40.84 110 55
3/16" 30.61 82.4 41
10 swg 20.9 56.225 28
12 swg 16.98 46 23
13 swg 15.05 40.43 20
14 swg 13.05 35.2 17.6
16 swg 10.46 28.13 14
18 swg 7.85 21.07 10.5
20 swg 5.88 15.81 7.7
21 swg 5.23 14.06 7.03
22 swg 4.57 12.3 6.15
24 swg 3.6 9.66 4.83
26 swg   7.9 3.95
28 swg   6.5 3.25
30 swg   5.44 2.7