With its rich golden colour and excellent corrosion resistance, CZ 101 also known as 90/10 gilding metal, stands out among other copper-zinc alloys thanks to its combination of strength and ductility.


Predominantly supplied in a brass sheet form, 90/10 gilding metal provides brilliant formability properties and fantastic cold working properties making it perfect for those in the architectural sector, the workability, colour and sizes available also make sheet brass perfect for the industry. 90/10 Gilding Metal or CW 501L is a brass alloy that is an amalgamation of roughly 90% copper and 10% zinc making it fit for a range of purposes. Prestige Metal Supplies keep a range of architectural brass sheets from 1.2mm – 3mm with brass sheet sizes up to 4m x 1m.

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90/10 Gilding Metal Applications 

CZ101 has an attractive golden hue that is desirable for applications that will benefit from its aesthetic appeal while its resistance to corrosion makes it hardwearing in severe weather or saltwater conditions. The uses for 90/10 gilding metal are varied and include:


  • Marine hardware
  • Plumbing hardware
  • Decorative trim
  • Enamelled badges 




Prestige Metal Supplies only stocks premium 90/10 gilding metal from either UK or European producers and our in-house vinyl coating services will ensure your CZ101 brass remains immaculate during transportation. To learn more about our 90/10 gilding metal and our specialised metal services, contact our team of experts or call us on 0121 752 2001.