Oxygen Free Copper

Oxygen Free Copper Profiles

Within a relatively short time Prestige Metals has grown to be the UK’s No 1 Suppliers of stock Oxygen Free copper rods, bar, and plate with Copper supplied by Prestige making an ever-increasing footprint around the world. We supply a range of oxygen free copper materials in grade C103 copper and C110 copper.

Our stock is supplied by only recognised European producers with our ever-increasing range of OFHC copper available in a variety of forms including oxygen free copper plate and oxygen free copper sheet. In addition to this, we supply oxygen free copper round bar, oxygen free copper square bar, oxygen free copper hollow bar, oxygen free copper flat bar and oxygen free copper hexagon bar for all your metal needs.

Prestige Metals supply a variety of special oxygen-free copper bar profiles and tubular sections that can be quoted to order. Some of these include:

  • Oxygen Free Copper Sheet
  • Oxygen Free Copper Bar
  • Oxygen free Copper Square Bar
  • Oxygen Free Copper Hollow Tube
  • Oxygen Free Copper Hexagon Bar
  • Oxygen Free Copper Flat Bar

We can also source other profiles required with quick delivery worldwide, please contact the team on sales@prestigemetalsupplies.co.uk who can discuss your requirements further.


Oxygen Free Copper Properties

Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) is an electrolytically refined copper alloy. Electrolytically refining copper decreases the oxygen levels present in the material to less than .001% making it the purest grade of copper available. As a result, oxygen free copper is highly conductive, which is why it is often known as Oxygen-Free High Thermal Conductivity (OFHC). This makes it ideal for instances in which highly conductive copper is needed.

Oxygen-free copper is mainly used in applications requiring a very high level of conductivity and exceptional ductility, particularly electronic applications and similar uses. As well as ensuring higher levels of electrical conductivity than any other grade of commercial copper, this OFE copper material also provides improved qualities ideal for formability and joining. Oxygen free copper is a fantastic conductive copper that can be used for, among other things,  particle accelerators, transformers & motors, generators, radars and all types of cryogenic applications. It is also popular for use in MRI scanner components and video and audio cabling.

Oxygen Free Copper Bar & Oxygen Free Copper Rod

We stock Oxygen free copper rods and bars that are ideal for use in applications requiring high conductivity and exceptional ductility.

Our solid oxygen free copper bars can be purchased in a range of diameters from 6mm up to 300mm, and we will also cut your oxygen free conductive copper rods to size so they are ready for use as soon as you receive them. We offer a range of processing services to ensure you receive the oxygen free copper bar you require.

Oxygen Free Copper Plate & Oxygen Free Copper Sheet

Prestige Metals are professional stockists of possibly the largest selection of oxygen free plate in Europe. Our OFC sheet is available in grades CW118C, CW008A and CW009A which is of electronic grade. Each of these types of oxygen free copper plate has individual benefits depending on the usage and environment.

Our CW008A oxygen-free copper sheet is available in a variety of thicknesses from 0.5mm – 100mm.  Our CW009A electronic grade oxygen free copper plates are also available in thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 100mm thick. We will also tailor cut your copper sheet to any length you require with a range of processing services tailored to your needs.

Copper Specifications:

C101 / CW004A ~ Copper bar and plate ~ high conductivity

C103 / CW008A ~ Copper bar and plate ~ Oxygen Free high conductivity

C106 / CW114C ~ Copper sheet ~ Phosphorus de-oxidised

C110 / CW009A ~ Copper plate ~ Oxygen Free high conductivity

sputtering target

Oxygen Free Copper CW009A/CW008A/CW118C

Prestige Metals are specialists in oxygen free copper for a range of purposes purposes and carry possibly the largest range of oxygen free bars and plates in Europe.

We have no minimum order requirement and provide full processing facilities to cater for non-standard orders with fast deliveries worldwide so get in touch now to see what we have to offer your business.

Please direct your enquiries to sales@prestigemetalsupplies.co.uk for more information.

Oxygen Free Copper Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oxygen Free Copper?

Oxygen free copper is a copper alloy that has been electrolytically refined in order to reduce the amount of oxygen levels and therefore improve thermal conductivity. It is one of the purest forms of copper available and can be used for a wide range of purposes because of its fantastic qualities.

What Can Oxygen Free Copper be Used for?

Oxygen free copper or OFHC copper is often used for projects that require a high level of conductivity such as electronics. OFC is often used for industrial applications where the materials will be exposed to high temperatures or vibrations. We currently supply anything from OEM to Research and Educational establishments. Applications we currently supply for include particle accelerators, all types of cryogenic applications, MRI scanner components, radar and generators to name a few.

What are the Key Properties of Oxygen Free Copper?

Oxygen free copper holds a number of extremely useful properties including the following:

  • Good Electrical Conductivity

  • Good Thermal Conductivity

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Ductile and Malleable