Aluminium Bronze CW307G

The most tarnish-resistant of all the copper alloys, aluminium bronze, (copper-aluminium alloy) offers the highest strength copper-based alloy with aluminium being the primary alloying element at typically 5 – 11% aluminium. The visual appearance of the material also does not deteriorate when exposed to the effects of atmospheric corrosion making it an ideal material for a range of uses.

Although no engineering alloy can lay claim to being completely immune to corrosion, aluminium bronzes naturally form an alumina-type protective film which acts as a highly effective barrier to wet or challenging conditions. The aluminium bronze alloy offers excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of environments and is particularly effective in subsea applications.

CW307G Aluminium bronze is used in a wide variety of applications where outstanding performance in marine and subsea environments is needed and is commonly used in the manufacture of propellers and underwater fastenings. In the oil and gas sector, aluminium bronze is often used in the production of inert gas fans for oil tankers. The alloy is also used to make bearing bushes for aircraft frames as well as in the production of bearings, valve spindles and pump shafts. Some other examples of aluminium bronze use include the creation of impellers and high duty pumps.

Key Features of  Aluminium CW370G

As a versatile bronze material, Aluminium CW370G has a range of fantastic features that make it a brilliant material for industrial uses.  

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High material strength
  • Heat and electricity conduction properties
  • Superior weight-bearing qualities

Mechanical Properties

UTS : 760 N/mm2

0.2% Proof Strength: 470 N/mm2

Elongation (%):10%

Hardness VPN: 40-120

Physical Properties

Density: 7.58 gm/cm3

Melting Point: 1035- 1054℃ 

Annealing Temperature: 600-700℃ 

Thermal Conductivity: 38-46 W/m?C

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 20-300?C: 16.2 x 10-6

Electrical Conductivity 20?C: 7-9% IACS

 Weight%   Cu  Others
 Min  Bal
Max   Bal    0.10

Aluminium Bronze CW370G  is frequently used for industrial and electrical applications due to its high conductivity and excellent resistance to corrosion. Below are just some of the uses for Aluminium Bronze CW370G:

  • Electrical Connectors
  • Marine Hardware
  • Machinery Components
  • Furniture Hardware
  • Brackets and Hinges
  • Window Frames
  • Decorative Trims

Prestige Metals supplies Aluminum Bronze CW307G in a variety of formats to suit your needs. We can provide aluminium bronze sheet, round bar flat bar and square bar, all cut to length to fit your project.

Related Material Specifications

  • ASTM B150: C63000
  • ASTM B171: C63000
  • AMS4640
  • BSEN12163: CW307G