Architectural Brass

Prestige Metals Supplies stocks high-quality architectural brass that is not only valued for its visual appeal but is also highly desirable in a variety of industries due to its many outstanding features. With its superior performance in some of the most challenging environments combined with remarkable strength and machinability, our selection of architectural brass will appeal to customers looking for versatile alloys in the automotive, plumbing, electrical and marine industries. We offer a range of brass materials to suit your needs and can provide a range of forms to fit strict client specifications. Our selection of architectural brass profiles is exclusively sourced from American and European suppliers and can be customised to your specific needs with our in-house fabrication services. Whether you need brass rod, brass sheet or brass section, Prestige Metal Supplies can meet your requirements.

architectural brass

Architectural Brass Stock

70/30 Cartridge Brass

This versatile alloy is known for its exceptional corrosion resistance and machinability. Cartridge brass also boasts great strength and ductility making it valuable for load-bearing applications since it maintains its structural integrity. With its excellent machinability, 70/30 cartridge brass is easily cut and shaped making it ideally suitable for precise manufacturing environments. Prestige Metal Supplies stocks cartridge brass in sheet form for many industries and sectors including architectural and automotive industries.

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Gilding Metal (Architectural Bronze)

Our gilding metal, also known as architectural bronze is a brass alloy favoured for its excellent cold working properties and its aesthetically pleasing colour. Sometimes referred to as red brass, gilding metal has excellent formability and its malleability makes it suitable for applications requiring intricacy and attention to detail. The versatility of gilding metal makes it a valued metal in a wide range of industries from architecture to jewellery making. Prestige Metals mainly stock 90/10 gilding metal in sheet form.

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Naval Brass Plates

Naval brass is used in many industries including aerospace and marine sectors thanks to its superb corrosion resistance. Supplied in plate form, Prestige only sources high-quality naval brass sheets and plates from European and American manufacturers. Valued for its ability to be easily fabricated, naval brass plate can be cut, shaped and formed to meet very specific design specifications. This makes it a desirable choice for applications beyond the marine sector.

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Naval Brass Rod

Widely used in marine applications, our durable naval brass rods are ideal in applications where strength is essential. Naval brass bars have superior high corrosion resistance and are ideal for use in high temperatures as well as saltwater and freshwater environments. From shipbuilding and offshore structures to marine hardware, naval brass rod is the superior choice for marine applications thanks to its exceptional ability to withstand the challenging conditions associated with marine environments.

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High Tensile Brass Rods

Our high tensile brass rods, sometimes called ‘Manganese Brass’ or CW721R have an aesthetically pleasing finish as well as corrosion resistance and exceptional strength. This makes our high tensile brass rods extremely versatile in many industries for a wide range of applications. Specifically engineered to possess superior tensile strength and durability, high tensile brass rods are ideal for withstanding heavy loads and high stress.

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Prestige Metal Supplies offer a number of brass products to suit your needs. Get in touch now for a quote to perfectly fit your requirements.