Prestige Metal Supplies stocks high-quality brass rod and brass bar in grade CW614N suitable for use in a wide range of applications. As an alloy of copper and zinc, CZ121 is known as an alpha/beta alloy or duplex alloy and contains 37-45% zinc. CZ121 brass also contains 3% lead which improves machinability resulting in it having the highest machinability rating available for alloys.

CW614N is the most widely used brass alloy and is available in a variety of forms including brass flat bar, brass hexagon bar, brass square bar and brass hollow bar. Its high corrosion resistance and high tensile strength make it a popular choice for the aerospace, industrial and automotive sectors as well as in the production of component manufacturing. If you’re seeking a reputable source where you can  buy brass bar and rod confidently, Prestige Metal Supplies are brass bar suppliers you can trust. 

brass rod and bar

Key Features of Brass Round Bar

CW614N material has many features making it suitable in many engineering and manufacturing settings. Some key features of brass rod include:

  • Excellent machinability 
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent soldering and fair butt welding
  • Excellent electrical conductivity 
  • Suitable for hot forging processes

Applications of CZ121 Brass Rod

The superior machinability and corrosion-resistant properties of CW614N brass bar make this adaptable metal ideal when high-speed machining is required. Some general applications for brass rod include:

  • High-speed machined components
  • Rivets, nuts and bolts
  • Heat pipe radiators
  • Architectural fittings and extrusions
  • Gearbox components 
  • Marine pumps and valves

If you want to know where to buy brass rod in a variety of forms, Prestige Metal Supplies has an extensive selection suitable for countless commercial and industrial uses. The various forms of CZ121 are used in a range of different applications making our supply of brass rod useful across many industries and sectors.

Brass Flat Bar

As brass flat bar suppliers, our stock comes in a range of diameters and we can cut your flat bar to meet your exact specifications. With its excellent machinability and hot working properties, our brass flat bar is suitable for soldering making it great for furniture production, model making, shop fitting, window frames and other decorative uses.

Brass Hexagon Bar

Our brass hex bar is excellent for electrical components and plumbing fittings as well as fasteners, nuts, bolts and locks. Thanks to its excellent machinability, our brass hexagon bar is also used for repetition turned parts. We stock our hexagonal bars in grade CW614N and we are able to cut it to size in-house. If you’re looking for premium hexagonal brass bar suppliers look no further than Prestige Metals

Round Brass Bar

Widely used in the mechanical engineering industries and hydraulic processes, brass round bar is suitable for high-tensile machine parts, gearbox components, and aircraft parts like propeller shafts, rivets, bearings, and valves. Our supply of round brass bar is also used in the manufacture of forged components. As round bar suppliers, you can be confident that we can deliver high-quality brass bars in sizes and dimensions to suit your projects.

Brass Hollow Bar

If you’re looking for hollow bar suppliers, you can rely on Prestige and our impressive brass hollow bar stock. The corrosion resistance and machinability of our hollow brass bar make it a widely used product in the manufacturing of locks, screws and bearings as well as components for low-friction applications.

Brass Square Bar

Due to its golden hue and excellent machining capabilities, our supply of square brass bar is widely used in commercial and industrial settings as well as in architectural sectors for the manufacturing of extrusions. Square brass bar is also utilised in joinery applications as well as the production of locks and hinges thanks to its strength and corrosion resistance.

Reliable Brass Bar Suppliers

As a trusted brass bar stockist, Prestige Metal is your premier source for CZ121 brass in the UK. As leading brass rod suppliers, we only supply premium-quality brass rod and bar that can be cut in various sizes to suit your unique requirements. To find out more about our brass bar stock or to buy brass rod online, contact us today for a quote or call us on 0121 752 2001.